Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire™ (1.00, Europe)

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Compatibility reports:

Date Platform GPU Version Compat Graphics Speed Gameplay
2020-03-29 Android Adreno (TM) 506 v1.9.4 Perfect
2020-03-28 Android Mali-G71 v1.9.4 Ingame
2019-08-23 Android ARM v1.8.0 Doesn't Boot
2019-07-14 Android Adreno™ 330 ES 3.0 [email protected] ([email protected]) v1.8.0 Menu/Intro
2019-04-11 Android Mali-T720 ES 3.1 v1.r7p0-03rel0.b8759509ece0e6dda5325cb53763bcf0 v1.6.3-432-gfd6c3145d Menu/Intro
2019-01-23 Android Adreno™ 305 ES 3.0 [email protected] [email protected] ([email protected]) v1.7.5 Doesn't Boot
2018-10-27 Android Mali-400 MP ES 2.0 v1.6.3 Menu/Intro
2017-10-19 Android Mali-400 MP ES 2.0 v1.4.2 Doesn't Boot
2017-08-16 Android Mali-T720 ES 3.1 v1.r7p0-02rel0.4ea33e6671ff828e33c99c982634cd65 686023b Doesn't Boot
2017-04-02 Android Mali-400 MP ES 2.0 v1.4-2-g648bc5d Doesn't Boot
2017-03-08 Android NVIDIA Tegra 3 ES 2.0 16.05001 v1.3.0.1 Playable