God of War®: Ghost of Sparta (1.00, USA)

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Compatibility reports:

Date Platform GPU Version Compat Graphics Speed Gameplay
2021-10-24 Android Adreno (TM) 506 v1.12.3 Ingame
2021-08-30 Android PowerVR Rogue GE8320 ES 3.2 build [email protected] v1.11.3 Doesn't Boot
2021-08-09 Android Adreno™ 630 ES 3.2 [email protected] ([email protected], I034491c44e) (Date:10/28/18) v1.11.3 Ingame
2020-06-07 Android Adreno™ 610 ES 3.2 [email protected] ([email protected], I4f6179b11f) (Date:08/15/19) v1.9.4 Ingame