The Legend of Heroes (1.01, USA)

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Compatibility reports:

Date Platform GPU Version Compat Graphics Speed Gameplay
2018-12-06 Android Mali-400 MP ES 2.0 v1.7.5 Perfect
2018-09-26 Android Adreno™ 540 ES 3.2 [email protected] ([email protected], I53d7d6a370) (Date:05/02/18) v1.3-715-g615c357 Doesn't Boot
2018-04-18 Windows 64 GeForce GTX 950 v1.5.4-935-g242184263 Playable
2018-04-17 Android Adreno™ 630 ES 3.2 [email protected] ([email protected], Ic43eb7c732) (Date:02/01/18) v1.5.4 Doesn't Boot
2017-10-30 Android Mali-T720 ES 3.1 v1.4.2 Perfect
2017-08-14 Windows Intel® HD Graphics 4.0.0 Build v1.4.2 Playable
2017-06-04 Android Mali-T760 ES 3.1 v1.r7p0-02rel0.676427c8bf7f70ce736d81c97bd5cec8 v1.4.2 Ingame
2017-04-26 Android Adreno™ 430 ES 3.2 [email protected] ([email protected]) v1.4-2-g648bc5d Menu/Intro