Recent logs - echochrome™ demo

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Game title Version Latest Report Message
echochrome™ demo v1.12.3 2024-02-20 sceIoChstat: change attr to 0000 requested
echochrome™ demo v1.12.3 2024-02-20 UNIMPL sceIoChstat(ms0:/PSP/SAVEDATA/UCES01313-DATA01/PACK.PCK, 09fbb5e0, 00000002)
echochrome™ demo v1.12.3-1352-g3744e1177 2022-07-24 Failed decrypting the PRX (ret = -1, size = 2501504, psp_size = 2501840)!
echochrome™ demo v1.9.3-435-g2e0eade99 2021-11-26 sceKernelRegisterSubIntrHandler(30, 1, 08891e98, 00000000): duplicate handler
echochrome™ demo v1.9.4 2024-05-07 sceKernelRegisterSubIntrHandler(30, 1, 08892d00, 00000000): duplicate handler
echochrome™ demo v1.9.3-142-g1439421fa 2024-02-21 sceKernelRegisterSubIntrHandler(30, 1, 08893b3c, 00000000): duplicate handler