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Game title Version Latest Report Message
RATCHETANDCLANK5 v1.13.1 2022-08-02 Ignoring possible texturing from framebuffer at 0416c000 +0x64 / 64x272
RATCHETANDCLANK5 v1.9.4 2021-10-04 Decoding texture from VRAM mirror at 04710000 swizzle=0
RATCHETANDCLANK5 v1.9.4 2022-08-02 FBO created from existing depthbuffer as color, 04164000/04110000 and 04154000/04164000
RATCHETANDCLANK5 v1.9.4 2021-10-04 GL ran out of GPU memory; switching to low memory mode
RATCHETANDCLANK5 v1.9.4 2021-10-04 Render to texture with different strides 64 != 256
RATCHETANDCLANK5 v1.9.4 2021-10-04 Ignoring possible render to texture at 0416e000 +0x192 / 64x272
RATCHETANDCLANK5 v1.9.4 2022-08-02 Video out requested, not supported: mode=0 size=0,0