Recent logs - 剣と魔法と学園モノ。

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Game title Version Latest Report Message
剣と魔法と学園モノ。 v1.5.3 2017-12-06 sceDmacMemcpy(dest=041cc800, src=08fec410, size=1024): overlapping read
剣と魔法と学園モノ。 v1.4.2 2017-12-04 sceDmacMemcpy(dest=041b5600, src=08ee2900, size=65536): overlapping read
剣と魔法と学園モノ。 v1.4.2 2017-12-03 sceDmacMemcpy(dest=041af100, src=090435d0, size=1024): overlapping read
剣と魔法と学園モノ。 v1.2.2 2016-06-21 sceDmacMemcpy(dest=040cc000, src=08dac6e0, size=262144): overlapping read
剣と魔法と学園モノ。 v1.9.4 2022-04-05 sceKernelLoadModule: unsupported options size=00000014, flags=ffffffff, pos=0, access=1, data=2, text=2
剣と魔法と学園モノ。 v1.4.2 2019-08-13 Loading module sceFont_Library with version 0101, devkit 03070010