Recent logs - 電撃のピロト~天空の絆~

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Game title Version Latest Report Message
電撃のピロト~天空の絆~ v1.16.6 2023-11-06 UNIMPL sceUtilityGameSharingInitStart(08b0a594)
電撃のピロト~天空の絆~ v1.16.6 2023-11-06 sceNetAdhocMatchingInit(131072) at 08807b44
電撃のピロト~天空の絆~ v1.9.4 2020-07-04 sceFontSetAltCharacterCode(08c2f0f4, 0000ff0d): invalid font lib
電撃のピロト~天空の絆~ v1.4.2 2017-08-22 Loading module sceFont_Library with version 0101, devkit 05050010
電撃のピロト~天空の絆~ v1.9.4 2023-11-06 sceFontSetAltCharacterCode(08c2f0a8, 0000ff0d): invalid font lib