Recent logs - 銀魂のすごろく

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Game title Version Latest Report Message
銀魂のすごろく v1.6.3-492-g9fddfff66 2020-02-24 GL ran out of GPU memory; switching to low memory mode
銀魂のすごろく v1.6.3-492-g9fddfff66 2019-07-04 WriteToHardware: Invalid address 000a06b0 near PC 0885d5f4 LR 0885d5f4
銀魂のすごろく v1.6.3-492-g9fddfff66 2020-02-25 WriteToHardware: Invalid address 00000000 near PC 0885d5f4 LR 0885d5f4
銀魂のすごろく v1.9.4 2020-06-27 Unknown GetPointer 00000000 PC 08a0e6c0 LR 08a0e6c0
銀魂のすごろく v1.2 2017-05-08 CALL to illegal address 01c59240 - ignoring! data=4a3643
銀魂のすごろく v1.2 2017-05-08 CALL to illegal address 0498ea6c - ignoring! data=4a5e6c
銀魂のすごろく v1.2 2017-05-08 Unsupported RGB mask: r=ec g=ef b=ec
銀魂のすごろく v1.2 2017-05-08 Attempted invert for logic op: 4
銀魂のすごろく v1.2 2017-05-08 Unknown GE command : 394a4a4a
銀魂のすごろく v1.2 2017-05-08 Unsupported alpha/stencil mask: e2
銀魂のすごろく v1.6.3-492-g9fddfff66 2020-04-27 sceKernelCreateThread(name=AdhocThread): unsupported options parameter 00001000
銀魂のすごろく v1.4.2-425-g7a7ccee5e 2020-05-02 Loading module sceFont_Library with version 0101, devkit 06060010