Recent logs - DJMAX PORTABLE i

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Game title Version Latest Report Message
DJMAX PORTABLE i v1.9.4 2020-07-02 sceDmacMemcpy(dest=04088000, src=09647ed0, size=557056): overlapping read
DJMAX PORTABLE i v1.9.4 2020-02-24 Savedata loading with detected hashmode 5 instead of file's 1
DJMAX PORTABLE i v1.9.4 2022-06-22 UNIMPL sceKernelStopUnloadSelfModuleWithStatus(00000001, 00000000, 00000000, 00000000, 00000000): game has likely crashed
DJMAX PORTABLE i v1.9.4 2019-10-27 Unexpected mpeg first timestamp: 0 / 0
DJMAX PORTABLE i v1.1.1 2016-05-31 sceAtracSetDataAndGetID(089f05c0, 00010000): bad data
DJMAX PORTABLE i v1.1.1 2016-05-31 Atrac buffer invalid RIFF header: 089f05c0
DJMAX PORTABLE i v1.1.1 2016-05-31 sceMpegGetAvcAu: invalid video stream 00000000
DJMAX PORTABLE i v1.1.1 2016-05-31 Unexpected mpeg first timestamp: fffffffffff / 17592186044415