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Game title Version Latest Report Message
DATEGAMER v1.11.3 2024-03-05 Unknown GetPointer 00000000 PC 08816148 LR 0881615c
DATEGAMER v1.11.3 2024-01-06 Unexpected mpeg first timestamp: b4c20000 / 3032612864
DATEGAMER v1.11.3 2024-03-05 sceDmacMemcpy(dest=040cc000, src=086ce940, size=1251008): overlapping read
DATEGAMER v1.11.3 2024-01-06 Unknown GetPointer 00000000 PC 08a451f8 LR 08a3fbe4
DATEGAMER v1.11.3 2023-12-24 ReadFromHardware: Invalid address deadbeef near PC deadbeef LR deadbeef
DATEGAMER v1.11.3 2023-12-22 Unknown GetPointer 00000000 PC 0884d7b4 LR 0884d7d4
DATEGAMER v1.11.3 2023-12-21 __KernelReturnFromExtendStack() - no stack to restore?
DATEGAMER v1.11.3 2023-12-21 WriteToHardware: Invalid address deadd1d3 near PC 08000020 LR 08000020
DATEGAMER v1.11.3 2023-12-21 MIPSCompileOp: Invalid instruction 010c09fc
DATEGAMER v1.11.3 2023-12-21 Unknown GetPointer 00000000 PC 088287f0 LR 08828800
DATEGAMER v1.11.3 2024-02-16 avcodec_decode_audio4: Error decoding audio -1094995529 / bebbb1b7
DATEGAMER v1.7.5 2024-03-30 80630006=sceAtracSetDataAndGetID(09a4ec00, 00004000): invalid RIFF header
DATEGAMER v1.11.3 2024-03-30 MIPSCompileOp: Invalid instruction 01010101
DATEGAMER v1.11.3 2024-01-06 Unknown GetPointer 00000000 PC 08a1b7b0 LR 08000030
DATEGAMER v1.11.3 2023-12-02 Unknown GetPointer 68d9811b PC 0888d3fc LR 0888d40c
DATEGAMER v1.11.3 2024-02-29 Unknown GetPointer 00000000 PC 08815f0c LR 08000020
DATEGAMER v1.11.3 2024-01-13 Unknown GetPointer 00000000 PC 08a3fbe4 LR 08a3fbe4
DATEGAMER v1.11.3 2024-01-23 Unknown GetPointer 00000000 PC 08a452a0 LR 08a452a8
DATEGAMER v1.11.3 2024-03-30 Unexpected mpeg first timestamp: fffffffffff / 17592186044415
DATEGAMER v1.11.3 2024-04-10 Savedata version requested: 3
DATEGAMER v1.7.5 2024-04-02 Savedata version requested on save: 3
DATEGAMER v1.11.3 2023-11-25 Game install with no files / data
DATEGAMER v1.11.3 2024-04-10 Unexpected mpeg first timestamp: fffffff0000 / 17592185978880