Recent logs - Saints Row 2

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Game title Version Latest Report Message
Saints Row 2 v1.6.2 2018-06-22 GL ran out of GPU memory; switching to low memory mode
Saints Row 2 v1.4.2 2017-11-20 Unexpected mpeg first timestamp: 0 / 0
Saints Row 2 v1.4-124-g1a58629 2017-04-25 Unsupported texture lod slope: 0.299995 + -3.000000
Saints Row 2 v1.4.2 2017-11-20 Replacing existing mpeg context at 08da02d8
Saints Row 2 v1.2.1-31-Adhoc_stuff-chatSimple 2016-05-10 Unexpected mpeg first timestamp: 1006d090812 / 1101340936210
Saints Row 2 v1.1.1-273-g419ea84 2016-02-04 sceSasCore(08d3e400, 00000400): invalid address
Saints Row 2 v1.1.1-870-g194e9ed 2016-01-29 ffffffff80420014=__sceSasCore(08d3e400, 00000400): invalid address
Saints Row 2 v1.2.1 2021-08-17 80420014=__sceSasCore(08d3e400, 00000400): invalid address