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Game title Version Latest Report Message
Army of TWO™: The 40th Day v1.12.3-854-g748eef05d 2022-05-05 sceDmacMemcpy(dest=041a5800, src=08de36b0, size=5120): overlapping read
TACTICS OGRE™: Let Us Cling Together™ v1.12.3-854-g748eef05d 2022-02-01 Error in shader compilation: info: ERROR: 0:23: Use of undeclared identifier 'u_proj' ERROR: 0:26: Use of undeclared identifier 'outPos' 00000000:00000912 THR HWX T Tex #version 300 es // Apple A15 GPU - GLSL 300 precision highp float; #define gl_VertexIndex gl_VertexID #define splat3(x) vec3(x) #define mul(x, y) ((x) * (y)) in vec3 position; in vec2 texcoord; uniform mat4 u_proj_through; uniform mat4 u_world; uniform mat4 u_view; uniform vec4 u_uvscaleoffset; uniform lowp vec4 u_matambientalpha; out lowp vec4 v_color0; out mediump vec3 v_texcoord; vec3 normalizeOr001(vec3 v) { return length(v) == 0.0 ? vec3(0.0, 0.0, 1.0) : normalize(v); } void main() { vec3 worldpos = mul(vec4(position, 1.0), u_world).xyz; mediump vec3 worldnormal = vec3(0.0, 0.0, 1.0); vec4 viewPos = vec4(mul(vec4(worldpos, 1.0), u_view).xyz, 1.0); vec4 outPos = mul(u_proj, viewPos); v_color0 = u_matambientalpha; v_texcoord = vec3(texcoord.xy * u_uvscaleoffset.xy +, 0.0); gl_Position = outPos; }
頭文字D STREET STAGE v1.12.3-980-g3bfab6326 2023-05-21 sceDmacMemcpy(dest=041ca200, src=09325f00, size=8192): overlapping read
Silent Hill® Origins v1.12.3-985-g81fcb3cd0 2024-03-31 GetFramebufferCandidates(COLOR): Multiple (2) candidate framebuffers. texaddr: 0404c000 offset: 0 (128x128 stride 512, 8888)
Silent Hill® Origins v1.9.4 2024-04-02 Rendering to framebuffer offset: 04170000 +256x0
Kenka Bancho: Badass Rumble v1.9.4 2024-04-12 Attempted inverse for logic op: a
Silent Hill® Origins v1.9.4 2024-04-13 Rendering from framebuf with offset 040d43c0 -> 040d4000+480x0
DRAGON BALL Z SHIN BUDOKAI ANOTHER ROAD v1.9.4 2024-04-13 sceKernelLoadModule: unsupported options size=00000014, flags=ffffffff, pos=0, access=1, data=2, text=2
ロコロコデモ v1.7.4 2024-04-09 Trying to relocate non-loaded section (null)