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Game title Version Latest Report Message
SensMe™ channels v1.17 2024-03-31 sceAacInitResource(2)
SensMe Channels for 5.XX v1.12.3-421-g3e5ba249b 2022-10-07 sceAacInitResource(2)
SensMe™ channels v1.16.6 2024-01-19 sceAacInitResource(2)
(homebrew) v1.10.3 2021-01-15 sceAacInitResource(2)
FORTIX v1.8.0 2023-07-18 sceAacInitResource(2)
FORTIX v1.8.0 2023-12-04 sceAacInitResource(2)
僕はキミだけを見つめる v1.8.0 2022-09-28 sceAacInitResource(3)
ZODIAC v1.8.0 2022-09-18 sceAacInitResource(3)
Knight Fortix 2 v1.9.3 2023-09-24 sceAacInitResource(2)
Knight Fortix 2 v1.9.4 2023-05-26 sceAacInitResource(2)
ノゾミカナエタマエ ~Daydream Reconstruct~ v1.13.1-249-gf80dd088b 2022-10-09 sceAacInitResource(3)
FORTIX v1.9.3-734-g31b1993a6 2023-10-29 sceAacInitResource(2)
FORTIX v1.9.4 2023-12-23 sceAacInitResource(2)