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Game title Version Latest Report Message
DUNGEON EXPLORER v1.4.2 2020-03-14 sceKernelCreateThread(name=AdhocThread): unsupported options parameter 00001000
DUNGEON EXPLORER v1.8.0 2020-02-01 UNIMPL sceUtilityGameSharingInitStart(08cce8e0)
DUNGEON EXPLORER v1.7.5 2020-01-23 Unexpected mpeg first timestamp: 566efd4bebd / 5939668500157
DUNGEON EXPLORER v1.7.5 2020-01-23 8002006a=scePsmfSetPsmf(08ce7b80, 00000000): bad address
DUNGEON EXPLORER v1.7.5 2020-01-23 Unknown GetPointer 00000000 PC 08819a04 LR 08819a18
DUNGEON EXPLORER v1.9.4 2020-06-06 Unknown GetPointer 00000000 PC 08805330 LR 08805330
DUNGEON EXPLORER v1.7.5 2019-01-24 Unknown GetPointer 00000000 PC 08948230 LR 089482b4
DUNGEON EXPLORER v1.7.4 2018-12-25 sceDmacMemcpy(dest=04000000, src=098bc2c0, size=278528): overlapping read
DUNGEON EXPLORER v1.4-2-g648bc5d 2017-04-18 A save request is already running, not starting a new one
DUNGEON EXPLORER v1.7.5 2020-01-23 ReadFromHardware: Invalid address 00000000 near PC 08819a20 LR 08819a20
DUNGEON EXPLORER v1.5.2 2020-04-09 Loading module sceFont_Library with version 0101, devkit 03070010
DUNGEON EXPLORER v1.5.2 2020-04-09 Loading module scePsmf_library with version 0101, devkit 03070010