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Game title Version Latest Report Message
CDM FIFA v1.9.4 2020-10-23 Unknown GetPointer 00000000 PC 08ab6064 LR 08000020
CDM FIFA v1.6.3-492-g9fddfff66 2020-06-09 Error in shader program link: info: (unknown reason) fs: 00000000:0000038e Tex TClampST TFuncRepl #version 300 es precision lowp float; uniform sampler2D tex; uniform vec4 u_texclamp; in vec4 v_color0; in mediump vec3 v_texcoord; out vec4 fragColor0; void main() { vec2 fixedcoord = vec2(clamp(v_texcoord.x, u_texclamp.z, u_texclamp.x - u_texclamp.z), clamp(v_texcoord.y, u_texclamp.w, u_texclamp.y - u_texclamp.w)); vec4 t = texture(tex, fixedcoord.xy); vec4 p = v_color0; vec4 v = vec4(t.rgb, p.a); fragColor0 = v; } vs: 00000000:0000005a THR C Tex TexProjPos #version 300 es precision highp float; in vec4 position; in vec2 texcoord; in lowp vec4 color0; uniform mat4 u_proj_through; out lowp vec4 v_color0; out mediump vec3 v_texcoord; void main() { v_texcoord = vec3(texcoord, 1.0); v_color0 = color0; vec4 outPos = u_proj_through * vec4(, 1.0); gl_Position = outPos; }
CDM FIFA v1.6.3-492-g9fddfff66 2020-05-09 sceKernelCreateThread(name=AdhocThread): unsupported options parameter 00001000
CDM FIFA v1.6.3-492-g9fddfff66 2020-07-25 WriteToHardware: Invalid address 00000000 near PC 08b3ffe8 LR 08b3ffe8
CDM FIFA v1.9.4 2020-06-26 Unknown GetPointer 00000000 PC 08de4fd0 LR 08000030
CDM FIFA v1.8.0 2019-07-22 GL ran out of GPU memory; switching to low memory mode
CDM FIFA v1.8.0 2019-07-06 Unknown GetPointer 00000000 PC 08000000 LR 08000000
CDM FIFA v1.9.4 2020-05-11 sceKernelCreateSema(SNDMUTEX) unsupported options parameter, size = 150657744
CDM FIFA v1.9.4 2020-09-25 Render to texture with different strides 128 != 256
CDM FIFA v1.9.4 2020-07-11 Unimplemented HLE function sceNetResolverTerm
CDM FIFA v1.5.4 2018-03-18 Render to texture with different strides 256 != 128
CDM FIFA v1.9.4 2020-11-23 Render to texture with incompatible formats 3 != 1 at 04000000
CDM FIFA v1.9.4 2020-11-23 sceKernelCreateSema(SNDMUTEX) unsupported options parameter, size = 150658304
CDM FIFA v1.7.5 2020-08-18 Render to texture with incompatible formats 3 != 1 at 00000000