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PES 2019 BY CHELITO 19 v1.5.3 2020-02-28 Error in shader program link during preload: info: L0007 Fragment shader uses a varying v_color1 that has not been declared in the vertex shader. fs: 40000000:00000914 LM #version 300 es #extension GL_ARM_shader_framebuffer_fetch : require precision lowp float; in vec4 v_color0; in vec3 v_color1; out vec4 fragColor0; void main() { vec4 s = vec4(v_color1, 0.0); vec4 v = v_color0 + s; fragColor0 = v; } vs: 00000000:0001d002 THR UVMtx TessC TessRevN #version 300 es precision highp float; in vec4 position; in lowp vec4 color0; uniform mat4 u_proj_through; out lowp vec4 v_color0; void main() { v_color0 = color0; gl_Position = u_proj_through * vec4(, 1.0); }