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Game title Version Latest Report Message
METAL GEAR SOLID PORTABLE OPS + v1.16.6 2023-11-07 UNIMPL sceNetAdhocDiscoverInitStart(09bc3f00) at 08f96b10
GOD EATER 2 v1.15.4 2023-10-08 UNIMPL sceNetAdhocDiscoverInitStart(096b2d70) at 08bd0588
GOD EATER 2 v1.15.4 2023-09-03 UNIMPL sceNetAdhocDiscoverInitStart(096d2f70) at 08bd0588
DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY v1.15.4-1343-g3e6788def 2023-08-31 UNIMPL sceNetAdhocDiscoverInitStart(09bed280) at 089a6cb8
DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY v1.15.4 2023-08-25 UNIMPL sceNetAdhocDiscoverInitStart(09be2f80) at 089a2fe4
DISSIDIA™ FINAL FANTASY® v1.15.4 2023-08-23 UNIMPL sceNetAdhocDiscoverInitStart(09be8400) at 089a6a58
METAL GEAR SOLID PORTABLE OPS v1.15.4 2023-08-13 UNIMPL sceNetAdhocDiscoverInitStart(09b15140) at 08bd00d4
METAL GEAR SOLID PORTABLE OPS v1.14.4 2023-07-30 UNIMPL sceNetAdhocDiscoverInitStart(09b11d70) at 08bd00d4
Ragnarok Tactics v1.12.2 2023-07-13 UNIMPL sceNetAdhocDiscoverInitStart(09625b40) at 088e6370
METAL GEAR SOLID PORTABLE OPS v1.15.4 2023-07-08 UNIMPL sceNetAdhocDiscoverInitStart(09b107a0) at 08bd00d4
ワールド・ネバーランド~ナルル王国物語~ v1.13.2 2023-07-06 UNIMPL sceNetAdhocDiscoverInitStart(08dacb68) at 08812ef8
METAL GEAR SOLID PORTABLE OPS v1.15.4 2023-06-23 UNIMPL sceNetAdhocDiscoverInitStart(09aa20e0) at 08bc3664
DISSIDIA® FINAL FANTASY® v1.15.3 2023-06-12 UNIMPL sceNetAdhocDiscoverInitStart(09be86c0) at 089a6cb8
Ragnarok Tactics v1.15.3 2023-06-02 UNIMPL sceNetAdhocDiscoverInitStart(0961a730) at 088e6370
Ragnarok Tactics v1.15.3 2023-06-02 UNIMPL sceNetAdhocDiscoverInitStart(09622880) at 088e6370
METAL GEAR SOLID PORTABLE OPS + v1.12.3 2023-05-08 UNIMPL sceNetAdhocDiscoverInitStart(09bbe410) at 08f9a7fc
METAL GEAR SOLID PORTABLE OPS v1.14.4 2023-04-21 UNIMPL sceNetAdhocDiscoverInitStart(09b16210) at 08bd00d4
DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY v1.14.4 2023-03-28 UNIMPL sceNetAdhocDiscoverInitStart(09bdac80) at 089a30e4
GOD EATER 2 v1.12.3 2023-03-28 UNIMPL sceNetAdhocDiscoverInitStart(096a4b70) at 08bd2988
Final Fantasy XVI By blackteckYT v1.12.3 2023-03-19 UNIMPL sceNetAdhocDiscoverInitStart(08edad98) at 08b884b0
Hannah Montana: Rock Out The Show v1.14.4 2023-03-08 UNIMPL sceNetAdhocDiscoverInitStart(0899b8a0) at 08892338
DISSIDIA® FINAL FANTASY® v1.16.1 2023-09-14 UNIMPL sceNetAdhocDiscoverInitStart(09be62c0) at 089a6cb8
GOD EATER 2 v1.14.4 2023-01-29 UNIMPL sceNetAdhocDiscoverInitStart(096b1570) at 08bd2988
GOD EATER 2 v1.14.4 2023-01-23 UNIMPL sceNetAdhocDiscoverInitStart(096a6770) at 08bd2988
GOD EATER 2 v1.13.2 2022-12-17 UNIMPL sceNetAdhocDiscoverInitStart(0965f370) at 08bd0588
DISSIDIA™ FINAL FANTASY® v1.13.2 2022-10-22 UNIMPL sceNetAdhocDiscoverInitStart(09bf0000) at 089a6a58
METAL GEAR SOLID PORTABLE OPS v1.13.2 2022-10-20 UNIMPL sceNetAdhocDiscoverInitStart(09b14720) at 08bd00d4
GOD EATER BURST 通常版 v1.15.4 2023-08-01 UNIMPL sceNetAdhocDiscoverInitStart(08e43380) at 08c1c614
LEGEND OF THE DRAGON v1.16.6 2023-11-06 UNIMPL sceNetAdhocDiscoverInitStart(08a87834) at 088e9928
DISSIDIA® FINAL FANTASY® v1.15.4 2023-08-12 UNIMPL sceNetAdhocDiscoverInitStart(09bee8c0) at 089a6cb8
大戦略パーフェクト~戦場の覇者~ v1.12.3 2022-08-27 UNIMPL sceNetAdhocDiscoverInitStart(08a5fe78) at 089b0424
METAL GEAR SOLID PORTABLE OPS v1.13.1 2022-08-16 UNIMPL sceNetAdhocDiscoverInitStart(09a9d0d0) at 08bc3664
METAL GEAR SOLID PORTABLE OPS v1.13.1 2022-08-15 UNIMPL sceNetAdhocDiscoverInitStart(09a9a900) at 08bc3664
Ragnarok Tactics v1.13.1 2022-08-07 UNIMPL sceNetAdhocDiscoverInitStart(0961fa40) at 088e6370
GOD EATER 2 v1.12.3 2022-08-01 UNIMPL sceNetAdhocDiscoverInitStart(096b3170) at 08bd2988
Hannah Montana: Rock Out The Show v1.12.3 2022-07-25 UNIMPL sceNetAdhocDiscoverInitStart(0899b470) at 088920c4
LEGEND OF THE DRAGON v1.12.3 2023-01-17 UNIMPL sceNetAdhocDiscoverInitStart(08a903f8) at 088dfa8c
METAL GEAR SOLID PORTABLE OPS v1.12.3 2022-05-18 UNIMPL sceNetAdhocDiscoverInitStart(09a9d510) at 08bc3664
Demon Slayer blackterYT v1.12.3 2022-05-17 UNIMPL sceNetAdhocDiscoverInitStart(08e43380) at 08c1c200
METAL GEAR SOLID PORTABLE OPS + v1.12.2 2022-04-07 UNIMPL sceNetAdhocDiscoverInitStart(09b47930) at 08f9a824
METAL GEAR SOLID PORTABLE OPS v1.12.3 2022-04-01 UNIMPL sceNetAdhocDiscoverInitStart(09aa58a0) at 08bc3664
GOD EATER 2 v1.12.2 2022-03-28 UNIMPL sceNetAdhocDiscoverInitStart(09537570) at 08bd0588
GOD EATER 2 v1.12.2 2022-03-28 UNIMPL sceNetAdhocDiscoverInitStart(09594570) at 08bd0588
GOD EATER 2 v1.15.4 2023-09-14 UNIMPL sceNetAdhocDiscoverInitStart(096d3170) at 08bd2988
DISSIDIA duodecim FINAL FANTASY v1.14.4-1277-g7d885250b 2023-04-09 UNIMPL sceNetAdhocDiscoverInitStart(090d2800) at 08904964
METAL GEAR SOLID PORTABLE OPS + v1.12.3 2022-02-05 UNIMPL sceNetAdhocDiscoverInitStart(09b427e0) at 08f9a824
Code Lyoko v1.15.4 2023-06-28 UNIMPL sceNetAdhocDiscoverInitStart(089e089c) at 08926e04
GOD EATER 2 v1.12.3 2022-01-05 UNIMPL sceNetAdhocDiscoverInitStart(095db370) at 08bd0588
DISSIDIA™ FINAL FANTASY® v1.15.4 2023-08-10 UNIMPL sceNetAdhocDiscoverInitStart(09be6080) at 089a6a58
METAL GEAR SOLID PORTABLE OPS v1.12.2 2022-01-02 UNIMPL sceNetAdhocDiscoverInitStart(09b17b30) at 08bd00d4
GODS EATER BURST v1.15.4 2023-08-22 UNIMPL sceNetAdhocDiscoverInitStart(08e43380) at 08c1c200
GOD EATER BURST 通常版 v1.16.4 2023-12-02 UNIMPL sceNetAdhocDiscoverInitStart(08e43380) at 08c1be14
GOD EATER 2 v1.16.6 2023-11-27 UNIMPL sceNetAdhocDiscoverInitStart(096d2d70) at 08bd0588
DISSIDIA 012[duodecim] FINAL FANTASY v1.16.6 2023-10-13 UNIMPL sceNetAdhocDiscoverInitStart(090d0e80) at 08903490
GOD EATER 2 v1.16.6 2023-10-14 UNIMPL sceNetAdhocDiscoverInitStart(096d5570) at 08bd2988
DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY v1.12.3 2021-11-14 UNIMPL sceNetAdhocDiscoverInitStart(09be5680) at 089a6cb8
真・三國無雙 MULTI RAID 2 v1.15.4 2023-09-10 UNIMPL sceNetAdhocDiscoverInitStart(09d53174) at 08b32244
DISSIDIA™ FINAL FANTASY® v1.13.1 2022-10-22 UNIMPL sceNetAdhocDiscoverInitStart(09bedc80) at 089a6a58
真・三國無双 MULTI RAID 2 v1.12.3 2022-06-14 UNIMPL sceNetAdhocDiscoverInitStart(09d69e74) at 08b35704
ファンタシースターポータブル2インフィニティ v1.16.6-235-g3611b4d94 2023-11-23 UNIMPL sceNetAdhocDiscoverInitStart(08edad98) at 08b884b0
ファンタシースターポータブル2インフィニティ v1.16.6 2023-11-30 UNIMPL sceNetAdhocDiscoverInitStart(08edad98) at 08b88530
Code Lyoko v1.15.4 2023-10-14 UNIMPL sceNetAdhocDiscoverInitStart(089e099c) at 08926ee0
MONSTER HUNTER PORTABLE 2nd G v1.16.6 2023-11-28 UNIMPL sceNetAdhocDiscoverInitStart(09b1e720) at 09ae972c
MONSTER HUNTER FREEDOM UNITE™ v1.16.6 2023-12-03 UNIMPL sceNetAdhocDiscoverInitStart(09b23ab0) at 09aee8f4
MONSTER HUNTER PORTABLE 3rd v1.16.6 2023-12-05 UNIMPL sceNetAdhocDiscoverInitStart(09e6fd28) at 09d4a5bc
DISSIDIA® 012[duodecim]™ FINAL FANTASY® v1.16.6 2023-11-07 UNIMPL sceNetAdhocDiscoverInitStart(090d0e80) at 08903490
GODS EATER BURST v1.16.6 2023-11-25 UNIMPL sceNetAdhocDiscoverInitStart(08e43380) at 08c1c200
MONSTER HUNTER FREEDOM UNITE™ v1.16.6 2023-12-04 UNIMPL sceNetAdhocDiscoverInitStart(09b23bb0) at 09aee9f4
デジヴァイス Ver.Portable v1.15.4 2023-06-11 UNIMPL sceNetAdhocDiscoverInitStart(0890fdac) at 08811f28