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Game title Version Latest Report Message
METAL GEAR SOLID PEACE WALKER v1.10.3 2021-09-21 sceIoUnassign(flash1:)
SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Fireteam Bravo v1.11.3 2021-08-01 sceIoUnassign(pfat0:)
God of War: Chains of Olympus v1.11.3 2021-09-19 sceIoUnassign(pfat0:)
Midnight Club L.A. Remix v1.11.3 2021-07-22 sceIoUnassign(pfat0:)
ウルトラマン Fighting Evolution 0 v1.11.3 2021-06-07 sceIoUnassign(pfat0:)
Star Strike™ Portable v1.10.3-1314-gcc19136e0 2021-03-10 sceIoUnassign(flash0:)
WWE'12 v1.10.3 2021-01-01 sceIoUnassign(pfat0:)
MTX Mototrax v1.10.3 2020-11-11 sceIoUnassign(pfat0:)
Dragon Ball Z Shin Budokai v1.10.3 2020-11-03 sceIoUnassign(pfat0:)
智代アフター ~It's a Wonderful Life~ CS Edition v1.10.3 2020-09-13 sceIoUnassign(flash1:)
智代アフター ~It's a Wonderful Life~ CS Edition v1.10.3 2020-09-13 sceIoUnassign(flash0:)
DISSIDIA duodecim FINAL FANTASY v1.10.3 2020-08-26 sceIoUnassign(flash0:)
AIR v1.9.0 2020-09-12 sceIoUnassign(flash0:)
AIR v1.9.0 2020-09-12 sceIoUnassign(flash1:)
Little Busters! Converted Edition v1.9.0 2020-07-11 sceIoUnassign(flash1:)
Little Busters! Converted Edition v1.9.0 2020-07-11 sceIoUnassign(flash0:)
Wipeout Pure v1.9.4 2020-04-16 sceIoUnassign(fatms0:)
(homebrew) v1.6.3 2018-10-16 sceIoUnassign(flash2:)
(homebrew) v1.6.3 2018-10-16 sceIoUnassign(flash3:)
Colin McRae Rally 2005 Plus v1.9.4 2021-08-21 sceIoUnassign(memstick:)
DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY v1.9.4 2021-11-27 sceIoUnassign(flash0:)
CLANNAD v1.9.4 2021-12-03 sceIoUnassign(flash1:)
CLANNAD v1.9.4 2021-12-03 sceIoUnassign(flash0:)
(homebrew) v1.9.4 2020-07-15 sceIoUnassign(%s%d:)
(homebrew) v1.7.5 2018-12-27 sceIoUnassign(disc0:)
MediEvil Resurrection v1.9.4 2021-11-07 sceIoUnassign(pfat0:)
GOD EATER BURST 通常版 v0.9.9.1-590-g3eec3a1 2015-02-09 sceIoUnassign(flash0:)
WipEout™ Pure v1.9.4 2021-05-01 sceIoUnassign(pfat0:)
(homebrew) v1.9.4 2021-03-10 sceIoUnassign(flash0:)
(homebrew) v1.9.4 2021-02-15 sceIoUnassign(flash1:)
Fired Up™ v1.9.4 2021-11-23 sceIoUnassign(pfat0:)